A remake of the VZ200 Color Computer (Vtech / Dick Smith 1983) - ein Nachbau des VZ200 Color Computers (Vtech / Dick Smith 1983)

VZ200 Companion App

This App supports the retro enthusiast while dealing with the VZ200 - Emulator. It allows for doing file transfers and operations on the emulated device as well as organizing files made available to the emulation.

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Installation / prerequisites

Install NPM

Download and install NodeJS from the official site.


Install Ionic

npm install -g ionic

Install git


Build and run the App

Checkout the App from this repo into a directory of your choice:

git clone https://github.com/cwahlmann/vz200/new/master/apps/VZ200-App

Install dependencies

npm i

Run the App

ionic serve

The App should be available at http://localhost:4200